Title 24 Energy Reports



Our turnaround times for Title 24 energy reports on residential projects are less than 3 days. We work diligently and accurately to provide multiple paths of compliance for your project. With the energy codes becoming more stringent and requirements challenging to meet, working with Certified Energy Analysts at Wade Energy from the start of any project will create a smooth transition from concept to design and finally construction.

We have experience working in the field as a carpenter’s, HER’s raters, and project managers and understands the practicalities and limitations that occur on job sites. This knowledge and experience adds values to the upfront decisions that will impact all aspects of the project down the line.  

To get started with Wade Energy, email us your plans and we will review them that day and send out notes to help us begin developing the energy model.

Our rates are based on project scope and size. 

For a list of these rates, please send us your plans.



The scope of work for Nonresidential projects covers the envelope, electrical, lighting and mechanical components, along with any supporting documentation required to show compliance. With our team of  Certified Energy Analyst, we bring experience and knowledge of energy efficiency of building codes to your projects.  

Our associates can cover any scope of work, on any size project.  We work diligently and accurately to review your project and communicate any questions or clarifications early on so that you can change and update drawings as necessary.  

To get started with Wade Energy, email us your plans.

We will review them along with the scope of work to provide a fee proposal.