Wade Energy is a full-service energy consulting company providing solutions to meeting building code compliance in California and across the United States.  Our team of consultants have diverse backgrounds in building science and hold professional designations related to energy efficiency and building performance. 

Wade Energy has extensive experience using energy modeling as a tool for improved building design, optimization and performance. We are members of the California Association of Building Energy Consultants and are Certified Energy Analyst for the 2016 Title 24 Building Energy Codes. 

Wade Energy works closely with our clients to provide the most cost-effective solutions to achieve the projects goals.  The value of energy modeling lies in design optimization to ensure the building performs as efficiently as possible; it’s a delicate balance between the design requirements, functionality, time and budget constraints.  

We help our clients understand what end-uses consume the most energy and provide energy consumption forecast that are used as a roadmap to finding how energy can be curtailed to reduce cost and GHG emissions. Working with Wade Energy will bring significant value to your projects.

At Wade Energy, we believe client satisfaction revolves around responsiveness and integrity. We are committed to helping our client’s throughout the project and maintaining the relationship after completion.

Quality service

With a long-term commitment to the people and place we serve, Wade Energy has the unique ability to connect to projects on a personal level and advance the quality of life in buildings across California.

Positive contribution to your team

We’re active members in the communities we serve and always plan with the environment and client needs in mind. Our work – professional consulting, engineering, project management and implementation – begins at the connection of community, energy, creativity and client relationships.

Strong leadership and a fresh perspective to the project

At Wade Energy we take energy and sustainability seriously. Challenges facing our building stock today are driven by aging infrastructure, increased fuel cost, and the need to achieve energy prosperity.

In depth knowledge of building science

The economic and environmental pressures to reduce energy cost and greenhouse gas emissions make every facility-related decision critical to the  financial and operational success of the buildings we work on. 


Travis Wade, M.Eng — Principal


University of British Columbia

Masters of Engineering: Clean Energy Engineering

Sonoma State University

Bachelor of Arts: Environmental Studies and Planning: Energy, Management & Design

Bachelor of Science: Business Administration: 

Wine Business Strategies

Travis has been working in the construction industry for over 10 years. Starting in the field as a laborer and apprentice he has worked through the challenges of building and remolding homes throughout the Bay Area. Over the last 7 years he has developed a business around energy efficiency with an emphasis on Title 24 building code compliance. 

In 2014 he completed a Masters of Engineering in Clean Energy to build on his knowledge and expertise in sustainability and building science.

His knowledge and expertise in this field has helped his clients achieve their project goals and improve building comfort and performance 

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