LEED Energy Modeling


Efficient integration.

Working with the design team to deliver a LEED certified building can be challenging and time-intensive for everyone involved.  Wade Energy coordinates with all the disciplines on a project from the beginning through certification allowing for strong relationships to be built and further understanding of the goals and ways to achieve them as a team.  As energy consultants, our inputs and recommendations will have impacts directly and indirectly related to each discipline, and it’s our job to find a middle ground the produces results, keeps cost in mind, and allows the team to continue working without significant deviations. 


Modeled to fit your needs.

Wade Energy has built energy models on a variety of buildings looking to achieve LEED Certifications for Hotels, Fire Stations, Community Halls, Offices, and Retail.

We deliver a comprehensive model, on time, with strong results of an energy efficient building is where our expertise and skills are best utilized. 


Work with us.

Our rates are based on project scope and size. 

For a proposal on your project please get in touch with us.